DIY Yogurt Pouches

Hi everyone!

Recently I saw a pin and fa-reaked out. You can now buy those little pouch-y things that our kids love so much and fill them with what-ever your little heart desires. YES!




There are a couple of different brands floating around out there that I noticed-


Little Green Pouch

These little guys retail for $14.99 (4 ct) and are re-usable. I think that is a decent deal, considering that they are easy to fill, BPA and phthalate free and of course, most importantly, reseal able. They are dishwasher and freezer safe—score! And they hold up to 6 oz. which is perfect for toddlers and hungry adults as well!


Infantino 50-Pack Squeeze Pouches

These were the option that I decided to go with. I found them both on Amazon and locally at Babies R Us retailing for $18.00. I went with this option since I could grab them locally, cause I was just too excited to wait for shipping. :) The draw-back to these is that they are NOT reseal able, you have to fill them through the little spout and it says they are not re-useable, but I think I can get around that. I love that they come with a little spoon add-on for feeding babies on the go.


Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch (8 pack – assorted sizes)

I found these little cuties on Amazon as well. They are pretty pricey at $35.00 for 8, but aren’t they CUTE! And they come in various sizes from 2.5 ounce to 4.5 ounces, so you could fill the smaller ones for younger children.


Okay, now let’s get to how I made my own yogurt pouches for my toddlers!


Like I said, I bought these pouches at Babies-R-Us the other day.






There is a filling station that retails for around $40.00 that I was NOT down with, but I figured I could wing it. And I’m pleased to say that is one gadget I will not be adding to my kitchen arsenal.

To fill these little pouches you have to go in through the top little spout, not a reseal able, zippered bottom like others. Not a big deal. I just grabbed a piping tip and a ziplock bag and had them filled in no time—score!




My kids LOVE those yogurt pouches, but they are full of sugar and who knows what else, so I am not too hip on buying them, plus they make a huge mess… everywhere.

Recently I’ve discovered that they will eat Greek yogurt like there is no tomorrow, so I’ve been giving them a little bowl every morning, and then immediately have to spend 5 minutes cleaning half the kitchen. So, yeah I’m pretty excited about this.


Fruit Filled Yogurt Pouches-

1 cup Greek yogurt—or yogurt of your choosing

3 tablespoons jam or fresh fruit puree

1 tablespoon honey

Mix together in a bowl.

Clip the corner of a ziplock back, insert piping tip. Fill with yogurt.

Insert tip into the spout of the food pouch and fill, fill, fill.


Easy, right? I told you! And the boys LOVE them. They are getting their *current* favorite treat and no mess for me!


I really am crazy about this idea since we have a newborn at home, now I can fill these at night and in the morning or during snack time my oldest can grab them out of the fridge. Bada-bing… instant snack, healthy and easy and Mom approved.

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  1. I think my bigger kiddos would enjoy these!
    Diana Rambles recently posted..Customized Gift Card WalletMy Profile

  2. This is awesome! Love the idea! Follow me back at


  3. Wow that is a great idea. Think of the possibilities. Are they hard to clean out?
    Vicky @ Mess For Less recently posted..8 Valentine’s Day Activities for KidsMy Profile

    • They kind I bought aren’t meant to be reusable, BUT I did wash ours out. I ran hot water into them, squished the pouches around then used a wire brush to clean the top. It worked great. It is important to not let them sit too long and then hang them upside down to dry, I used a bottle rack, but I think that the top of your dishwasher would work great as well.

  4. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    I had no idea!
    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Christina at I Gotta Create! recently posted..Glittering Personality PrintableMy Profile

  5. These are great! Happy Wednesday!

    Danielle recently posted..Washi ChargerMy Profile

  6. We found you on the Six Sisters. You have some great ideas! We are having our 1st link party tomorrow (Thursday 1/24/13) We would love to have you come and link up. We have a fun blog joining us. We hope you will join us too @ the
    Have a great day!
    Joye & Myrna

  7. Oh my gosh! I NEED these! My kids love the applesauce pouches and they are so super convenient on the go; but, when you’re buying two boxes a week, it gets pricey fast! These are amazing and I’m off to buy some. NOW! Thank you for sharing – found you at Lil Luna.
    Krista @ While He Was Napping recently posted..Date Night JarMy Profile

  8. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts – you were featured today!!

  9. Wonderful idea! I love that you can fill them with healthy treats and that they are reusable. Thanks for sharing, as I haven’t seen these!
    Laurie @ Simply Creating Home recently posted..LOVE Letters Valentine&#8217;s DecorMy Profile

  10. OMG these are FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing…. I’m going to buy some this weekend (as long as we don’t get snow)! :) Quick question…. did you add honey just for flavor or does it work as a preservative? I’d rather not use honey because we think it caused an allergic reaction in the Little Man this past week.
    Melissa @Serendipity and Spice recently posted..Why you need to get on Google+ TODAYMy Profile

    • I used it as a sweetener, Greek yogurt is pretty sour, but you could use regular sugar, or agave too. Or even skip it all together and use flavored yogurt! :) Good luck with your little dude! We have a son who is allergic (we think) to seafood, and he is getting tested when he turns 4 in a few months. It really does make eating out a pain.

  11. I’m so doing this! My kids are so picky and yogurt is the one thing they’ll eat, but I hate how messy it is. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great idea! I think I may need to make these for myself for yogurt on the go. Thanks for sharing at I Made It! Monday. Can’t wait to see what you link up this week.
    Amanda recently posted..Diaper Cover DIYMy Profile

  13. Thanks so much for sharing this – I just ordered some of the Little Green Pouches to try out. We like to make our own fruit jams & purees in the summer and these would be ideal and the yogurt will be another great use. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)
    Cheryl@ Sew Can Do recently posted..Tutorial Time: Make A Fabric Takeout BoxMy Profile

  14. This is brilliant! I’m so excited. I have a 3 year old and am due again in March and we registered for the Infantino pouches and the filler. I never thought about just using a piping bag to fill the pouches! Now I’m all excited. Filling them with yogurt also hadn’t occured to me yet. Thanks for sharing :)
    Shannon @ Searching For Dessert recently posted..Super Mini Whole Wheat DoughnutsMy Profile

  15. Being re-usable is important, the world has enough plastics choking our oceans. Your yoghurt mix looks delicious.
    Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Linky PartyMy Profile

  16. This is a great idea! It’s one of those, “Why didn’t they have these when my kids were younger”? kind of things! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.
    Carrie @ My Favorite Finds recently posted..Pinworthy Projects PartyMy Profile

  17. I have a two-year-old who LOVES anything in pouch form and a seven-month-old who we’re just starting on baby food. I will most definitely be buying these soon. I’m curious, though: are you able to get around the non-reusable thing without too much trouble?
    Abby recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sunshine DayMy Profile

    • I have reused them a few times. I think maybe 2-3 times a pouch and then I toss them. I wash them IMMEDIATELY after they are done with them. I will probably buy the reusable when my stock gets low and do a quick little review on those too.
      They actually clean really easily. Just some soapy water swishing around and then I hang them upside down to dry. I don’t think it’s any different than washing out regular water bottles that you can’t get your hand into. :)

  18. Hi! Found you on The Pin It Party. I have heard of these re-usable pouches, but have never actually seen one. Love this idea and the recipe you posted. My 18 month old daughter still likes pouches as a snack from time to time, so I may have to look into buying these and making my own. Thanks for sharing. Now following on Bloglovin’

    • It took us a while to teach our boys not to squeeze them, and now we LOVE them. I can’t wait for our youngest to start eating solids so I can make his food and save them in the pouches instead of freezing in ice cubes!

  19. Funny. You complained about store bought yoghurt being full of sugar, then you go and add sugar packed jam to the Greek yoghurt… There’s no difference!

    • I’m more concerned about the sugar for myself. I don’t eat the greek yogurt with fruit like the boys do. And yes there is a difference, those kiddie yogurt pouches are full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors, not something I want my boys eating daily. This fruit spread only has 12 grams of sugar, less sugar than store bought Chiobani.

  20. Great ideas! My question is; in the 18 pack you bought, are the tops re usable too?


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